Faux Finishes in Ferndale

At We Painted It, we believe decorating is an art and a science. To make a room look great, you need an artistic eye and skilled hands. Luckily for you, our staff members have both. We also have work ethic, determination, and expertise. Together, these talents are the perfect home improvement blend.

Faux Finish: A Fantastic Choice

Let’s face it––home renovation is a pain, not to mention expensive. When it comes to decorating, many homeowners are put off by the cost. Wallpaper is hard to install, and if it’s not done right? Disaster! Tiles are beautiful, but expensive. Plus, they have a tendency to crack and break. Fortunately, there’s faux finishing to save the day. Homeowners all over Ferndale are choosing decorative painting as a cost-saving alternative. It’s the perfect way to convey class and elegance in your home without the expense. And We Painted It knows just how to do it. We’ll transform your walls to the appearance of marble, wood, concrete or stone. At a fraction of the cost of remodeling, it’s the smart and attractive choice.

Customize Your Walls

The best thing about faux finishing is its versatility. No matter what design you have in mind, faux finish can make it a reality. But it gets better––faux finish can be applied to many different surfaces. Your walls can get a makeover whether they’re made of vinyl, wood, concrete, or any other material. The possibilities are endless! Plus, you have the freedom of choice in design. Unlike with wallpaper, you don’t have to choose one of the few designs from a sample book. Faux finish can be customized to you. You can even design it yourself. With so many colors, patterns and designs to choose from, you’ll really let your creativity shine. We Painted It will work with you, listen to your ideas, and offer tips and suggestions. Together, we’ll make your dreams come true.

Faux Finish Makes Your Ferndale Space Great

Faux finishing goes anywhere. The variety of styles means it can be applied in your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, nursery and even your garage! With so many great options, you’ll want to re-design every room in your house.

But faux finish is more than just for residential properties; it’s also a great business choice. Faux finish is cropping up in businesses all over Ferndale, and no wonder why––it’s great for your business. We Painted It will transform your restaurant, office, boutique, or day care with our many faux finish styles.

We Painted It’s Many Options

We offer a variety of faux finishing surfaces. Some of our more popular styles include:

  • Faux marble
  • Faux wood
  • Faux stone
  • Faux concrete
  • …and so many more!

These styles are only the beginning. There are so many great colors and patterns to choose from. Just browse our website for inspiration, or pull out your drawing pad and get creative. The only limit is your imagination.

If you’re ready to take your walls from boring to beautiful, call We Painted It. We’ll give you the space you have always wanted.